The Easiest Way to Dollar Cost Average into Cryptocurrencies

If you’ve been in the tech or finance industry for any period of time, odds are you’ve heard of Acorns — an app that rounds up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar, and invests that spare change into an investment portfolio at regular intervals. This method of investment is referred to as “dollar cost averaging.” homepage

If you’re not in the tech or finance industry you still may have heard of Acorns from one of Ashton Kutcher’s endorsement ads.

Acorns has been successful because they understand that investing these days takes a lot of time, effort, and it’s expensive: fees add up when you’re just getting started!

Given that a majority of the workforce will be Millennial or younger in the next 10 years, Acorns caught an early wave of business, by simplifying the investment process for customers who had previously considered investing in the stock market next to impossible. This lack of faith displayed by younger generations extends past the stock market though, to larger retirement institutions like Social Security.

Indeed, according the Pew research, as reported in the Motley Fool, “94% of millennials don’t believe Social Security will be paying out benefits commensurate to those of today’s seniors once they retire.”

Here is yet another wave Acorns was rightly able to ride early: providing a venue of easy wealth diversification for an entire generation of distrusting citizens. The adage “don’t keep all your eggs in one basket” barely covers the younger generations’ need to diversify financially, according to their own belief.

Enter RoundlyX — Acorns for Cryptocurrencies

A poplar up-and-coming method of financial diversification for younger individuals is cryptocurrencies. While many thought Bitcoin et al. deceased after the bull run of 2017, cryptocurrencies have been gradually recovering, posting gains upwards of 3x since recent lows. With fewer and fewer individuals believing the Fed has their best interests at heart, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are viewed as a long-term safe haven from inflationary fiscal policy. The price of one Bitcoin as of writing is ~$9,300.

RoundlyX recently entered the cryptocurrency scene and is to crypto what Acorns is to stock — and it isn’t limited to just Bitcoin! Many cryptocurrencies are available for investment through Coinbase and Voyager, the two exchanges currently partnering with RoundlyX.

RoundlyX takes your everyday purchases, rounds them up to the nearest dollar, and invests that spare change into cryptocurrencies.

Dollar cost averaging into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies used to be difficult. Before Coinbase recurring buys (which come with steep fees), one had to manually make cryptocurrency purchases at regular intervals, which takes time, effort, and more fees! RoundlyX simplifies this process just like Acorns, by investing a few cents at the gas pump, a few more at the grocery store, and again when your Sling subscription renews.

Another appealing advantage of a dollar cost averaging investment strategy is that it protects you from FOMO (fear of missing out) when the market (crypto or stock) fluctuates. Acorns helps people DCA into stocks when they may otherwise hold off buying because “it will go lower soon”…but it hasn’t yet.

The DOW Jones 10 year chart

In much the same way, RoundlyX helps individuals DCA into a cryptocurrency market that is volatile and unpredictable. Without RoundlyX, perhaps one would sell off their Bitcoin for fear of its imminent doom, and perhaps that fear originated from said someone investing more than they could afford to lose in cryptocurrency. Sad day. :(

But, suppose said person had been using RoundlyX to dollar cost average into their favorite cryptocurrency, little by little, and over a longer period of time? One would suppose in this scenario said someone would be much happier.

But what if our hero had used Acorns and RoundlyX together? One would suppose then, that person would be capitalizing off of both a successful stock market, and said person wouldn’t have lost cryptocurrency profits due to weak hands!

The moral of this story is that both Acorns and RoundlyX should be an investment weapon in your overall financial plan. I have used and enjoyed both — give them a try and let me know what you think! I would love to see your own reviews of RoundlyX —

If you’re on Twitter, you can find RoundlyX here or through the tweet below — note they are still producing referral links for a limited time, so DM quick to get yours!

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