How to Hack the Points System with â‚żitcoin Back đź’°

Don Jon’s Guide to Stacking Sats

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Do you love maximizing cash back, travel points, and financial perks? Perhaps, like me, you’ve been into “travel hacking” or maybe you enjoy finding the best deal possible while shopping with coupons and promo codes?

If yes (and certainly if no) you should continue reading! Here are three easy ways you can earn Bitcoin almost anywhere you shop — without changing your shopping habits.

RoundlyX lets you invest your spare change into various cryptocurrencies, by rounding up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar (much like the Acorns App, if you’ve heard of that).

This kind of passive investing is referred to as “dollar cost averaging” (DCA) which essentially means you’re investing in a given asset at regular intervals of time, regardless of the price. It’s been said DCA is one of the best ways to accumulate Bitcoin, because you don’t need to worry about timing the market!

RoundlyX also comes with plenty of customization options too, if you’re looking to do more than just “stack sats.”

  • Quick Invest (a pre-set, one time cryptocurrency investment)
  • Investment Strategy (allows you to choose what types of cryptocurrencies you’d like your spare change to go towards)
  • Roundup Multiplier (for the aggressive/risk tolerant types)
A look at some of the customization options on the RoundlyX Dashboard

But if you’re like me and just want a simple, passive program that constantly stacks Sats for you, RoundlyX makes that as easy as a few clicks. Forgot to “stack your Sats” last Saturday? No worries — RoundlyX has got you covered!

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For those of you who have been following me for a while, I’m happy to announce that I am now the Twitter manager for RoundlyX! I hope to bring quality content to Crypto Twitter from that handle. Smash the follow button @RoundlyX and join our journey!

My Sat stacking journey just wouldn’t be complete without the Pei App (pronounced like “pay”), which gives you Bitcoin (or dirty fiat…your choice) back when you make a purchase with a connected account.

I get a ton of Sats back from 7Eleven!

I’ve discovered that I can get three different types of points through the Pei App when I shop at 7Eleven, including:

  • Travel points from my travel credit card
  • Bitcoin from Pei
  • 7Eleven rewards from their loyalty program

The Pei App works great with many more shops than 7Eleven, though. Their team has created a preferred merchants category where you can get an absurd amount of Bitcoin back — for instance, they offer 18% back at Pedro’s Tacos! And the crazy thing is all these rewards are in addition to whatever cash back you’re already getting. It’s a no brainer!

If you’d like to give the Pei App a try, and you’d like a quick $5, you can sign up using this link and my referral code “donjon.” Let me know what store you frequent most because of Pei in the comments below!

Last, but certainly not least, is one of my favorite Bitcoin brands: Lolli. A simple browser extension that gives you Bitcoin back for shopping online.

I love getting Bitcoin back for going to the movies!

You can get really creative with your sat-stacking using Lolli to get the most Bitcoin back. I’ve seen people:

  • Buy their groceries online at Walmart
  • Book their work travel through Priceline
  • Buy books from Barns and Noble instead of Amazon

Lolli (and the other companies listed above) is working hard to pave the way to mass Bitcoin adoption by illustrating how easy it can be to stack sats without changing your shopping habits. Watching your stack appreciate (and sometimes even covering the cost of the item you purchased) goes a long way towards convincing people of Bitcoin’s value.

In fact, by utilizing all three of these companies at once (with the appropriate travel or cash back cards), you could help guide others towards healthy Bitcoin use too! Everyone wants to make an extra buck, and most people like getting monetary rewards. So sign up, start stacking sats, and when your friends become curious, you can share you own referral link and help the virus spread!

If you’re new to any of the platforms listed above, I’d highly encourage following them on Twitter and giving them each a try. I’d love to hear about all of the creative ways you are stacking sats!

Disclaimer: While this article is not sponsored by any of the companies listed, the author is being compensated to run the Twitter account of RoundlyX. In addition, the author may be compensated through referral links listed in this article.

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