3 Ways You Can Get Into Crypto Without Investing Your Money

Don Jon
4 min readMar 24, 2019


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Odds are, you’ve heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency — of its meteoric rise, and devastating fall. Maybe you had friends who made some money, or lost some money. Perhaps you, like a lot of cautious investors, refrained from risking money two years ago, but maybe you’re still curious.

Even though crypto may no longer be in the limelight, a bear market can be one of the best times to get your feet wet, learn, and maybe get your hands on some cryptocurrency of your own! And there’s so good news…

Participating in the cryptocurrency space doesn’t have to be risky! There is no need to get a second mortgage on your house, and there is no need to put your student loans towards Bitcoin. You don’t even need to put any of your hard-earned cash toward crypto, if you don’t want (and if you do, please do plenty of research, never invest more than you can afford to lose, and speak to a qualified professional first!).

To help you get started on your own crypto-journey, I’ve put together three easy ways you can get into the crypto-space without investing your money:

Honeyminereasier than streaming your fav show. Turn it on, earn money.

Image from honeyminer.com

Perhaps the easiest little-to-no-effort ways to get your hands on some Sats (short for a Satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin) is Honeyminer. By utilizing your computer’s spare CPUs (or GPUs, if you so desire), Honeyminer gets you earning cryptocurrency with just a few clicks! Sign up here and get started.

I’ve been running Honeyminer for the past few days (while watching every game of March Madness) and have stacked 1,135 Sats so far (or ~$0.04 at the time of writing). While that may not sound like much, it’s a great way to accumulate some Bitcoin to play with. Try downloading BlueWallet and sending some Sats to your friends!

Lollianother easy way to stack Sats. Just enable, buy your normal stuff, and get Bitcoin.

Image from lolli.com

You may have heard of Honey, a Chrome extension built to help you find discounts through promo codes while you’re shopping online. Lolli is similar, but simpler! Just do your normal online shopping with their handy browser extension enabled, and they’ll let you know when you earn Bitcoin back from your purchases.

If you enjoy sharing on social media, Lolli also gives Sats away on Twitter every now and then for showing off your awesome Bitcoin hauls. Sign up and give them a shoutout! They’d love to hear from their new fans.

Cent — a social media platform that rewards you in crypto for quality content

Image from beta.cent.co

I’ve had the pleasure of participating in the Cent ecosystem since early on, and I must say this social media platform has made great strides! Set up an account (tutorials here) and post like you would on any other social media site. The difference is that quality posts and comments earn you cryptocurrency!

If you’d like to more actively earn crypto on Cent, you can sort comments, post quality responses to get tips, and perhaps get seeded if people like what you post! I hope to see many of you join this fantastic community in the near future — you can find me on Cent here.

I spent the last few days sorting comments to earn a little extra ETH on Cent

You don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash to get involved in cryptocurrency, and the time to be involved is now. There is no magic in predicting cryptocurrency market movements. The secret is to get started, keep learning, and keep stacking.

Let me know if you start using any of these platforms, or if I missed any super-easy ways to get involved in the space.

If you found any of this helpful, feel free to test out your new crypto-knowledge and send me a few Sats using this link!



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